Users confused Moto 360 – Apple Watch


As chief operating officer of Motorola, Rick Osterloh, casual users, far from IT, tend to confuse Smart Moto 360 hours with Apple Watch, which does not even have entered the market. He told in an interview to CNet. The situation can be both beneficial and detrimental “to Apple’s product.

Osterloh said that when he asked about Apple Watch, pointing to its wrist Moto 360, he tries to explain that Motorola also manufactures and sells “smart watch. He thanked Apple for popularization of wearable computers in the form factor of the hours, as consumer interest in this class of devices in General allows you to sell more products under the brand name Motorola.

Senior Manager expressed his opinion that the design is a major factor contributing to the increased popularity of Moto-360. Motorola think to continue to pay special attention to the design of its smart watch.

In the future the company namenera opportunities of individualization through own site 360 of Moto Moto Maker. However, the user can customize the product features, is not stated. In fact, on the material and the colour of strap in this area to leave hard, but this is an interesting proposition for consumers.

Motorola say that the holiday buying period demand for Moto 360 exceeded their expectations. Smart Watches have become a welcome gift for many Americans.


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