The number of users exceeded 700 million WhatsApp


WhatsApp Messenger users has exceeded the mark of 700 million people. This was reported on the company’s official page on Facebook. It is about the active audience, that is, those who at least once per month includes purchases.

Increase in the number of subscribers of the Messenger is impressively fast. In mid-2013, its regular users were about 200 million people in the world by April 2014 figure rose to 500 million, and in August the annex crossed another 100-million milestone.

Whatsapp is pulled away from the competition, in spite of a paid annual subscription of one dollar. His closest pursuers are Chinese and Korean WeChat Line, each of whom has more than 400 million users. Other similar applications, such as the Tango, have chosen Viber and about 200 million people.

According to reports, the greatest increase in users WhatsApp recently was noted in Russia, Brazil, India and Mexico. Is a leader among European countries Spain, where 90% of Smartphone owners use the service as an alternative to SMS.

In the meantime, WhatsApp is preparing to acquire voice-enabled. Now Messenger only allows you to write messages and send pics, but soon will be available to make calls. First voice call function appears on the iPhone and Android, and Windows Phone devices and certain BlackBerry models.


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