The Chinese have sold 27-dollar copy Apple Watch 2015 at CES in Las Vegas


While the world eagerly awaits Apple Watch, the Chinese do not lose time in vain-for the most impatient released clone “Apple” hours-Hyperdon. External device similar to Apple’s Watch, and it’s the most important thing in this case, it is a trendy accessory. Moreover, the Chinese company will not hesitate to lead and show the device to the 2015 International CES.

Apple doesn’t really want her watch competed with other smart clock. To do this, the company decided to promote the new product as a fashion accessory, attracting luminaries of the fashion industry and showing the gadget at the respective events. For example, in September, Apple had been spotted on Watch display case a popular Parisian boutiques on the eve of fashion week in Paris. Watches were there only one day, but it was enough to almost any event marked the news of the day.

Later, fashion week was held the presentation of Apple’s Watch, which was attended by leading fashion designers and fashion journalists, and that evening took place the secular with the dinner Jonathan Quince and another showing Apple Watch. Soon came the news that Apple has chosen the new face of the company. They became Chinese supermodel Liu Wen, which touts Apple’s wearable computer in the local market.

In light of these developments the appearance of Hyperdon can be can be very useful for those who want to save, because this product will look great on your hand just like Apple fashion Watch.

Metal enclosure, 0.95 inches diagonal screen size, control-click and wheels-all as Apple’s Watch. With regard to functionality, they are typical for smart watches-by using Hyperdon, you can answer calls, control the music playback, take steps, receive notifications of incoming messages and events.

The clock is synchronized with your Smartphone with Bluetooth 3.0, replaceable straps, while the body is metal. As the representative of Hyperdon, the company sells 27-dollar copy Apple Watch through stores in United States and China. Journalist resource Mashable bought the device directly at the exhibition.


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