Firefox Send – An Easy Way to Share Files


What do you do when you need to share files with friends which can’t be shared over WhatsApp. These basically include the files that have a large space and moreover, the problem is that most of these files can’t be shared over email as well. Well, there is a solution to this app and we can really thank Mozilla for launching Firefox Send, an app which can help you in sharing really heavy files with a simple click. Already impressed with the features of the app? Well, hold on and check out the rest of the details about the app.
Features of the App
The basic feature of the app is that it can help you in sending private files with your friends. All you have to do to share the file is that you need to install the app and select the files that you wish to share. Once that is done, click on upload and share it with your friends.
You can choose to select multiple files with the help of the app and it is certainly quite easy to upload a large number of files.
Apart from the feature listed above, you can also select the expiry date of the files. This can be set up in terms of the download limits or in terms of the days for which the file will be valid. This feature ensures that the file is not available online anymore and hence it reduces the risk of data leak
You can also choose to protect the file with a password and this way no one will be able to access the file even if it lands in some wrong hands.
The app lets you share the file of up to 1 GB without signing up and if you sign up for the app then this size limit is increased to 2.5 GB. You can sign up for free and there is no money involved.
With the high-speed internet, such files are not a challenge any more as they can be downloaded quickly over 4G or even over Wi-Fi

General Review
There are no reviews listed on Google play store for this app as the app is in Beta version. We still installed the app and we found that the performance was more than satisfactory. The application was easy to use and there was no lag either. It took us just a few minutes to upload a file which was around 500 MB and the receiver took just a few minutes to download the file as well. The application works without an issue.

Support and Compatibility
The app can be installed on most of the devices and there are no such criteria for installing the app. Apart from this, you just need a basic Android device with Android 5.0 or above. You can even install the app on tablets. So, if you have to share files with your friends then go ahead and download the file from Google PlayStore using the download link listed below.