Rill APP – Malayalam Troll Audio, Ringtone, WhatsApp


Rill – Malayalam Troll Audio, Ringtone, WhatsApp


Hello Friends Today I am going to introduce you to a new App Called ” RILL”.

Now a days It’s a common practice to send funny stickers in response to messages while chatting.
But instead of stickers, it would be more interesting if we could send a funny sound or Audio messages that matches the context.

Rill is an Amazing and Interesting app that allows us to share famous dialogues of movie stars and social media celebrities on our WhatsApp.

Once the application is installed and opened, we can select the language files in which language we want. Then we see a lot of dialogues listed in a beautiful interface. There are thousands of interesting dialogues in this app that can be selected according to our mood.

On the left side of each voice you will see a button to play it

If you think it’s a good idea to send it to a friend when you’ve heard it, click on the title and then click on Share on the screen that appears.
If you select WhatsApp, you can send that voice to any person or group you like