Revived showcase with iPad Air 2 struck residents of London


Residents and guests of London these days have witnessed an unprecedented phenomenon. Passing by the flagship Apple Store on Regent Street, they saw a live iPad tablets, which were extremely surprised. Some even questioned her mental health.

To showcase the Central Apple store in the British capital behind the glass are five iPad Air 2 with smart lids. One by one they alternately opened and closed, showing passers-by animated videos.

Performance with the Smart Cover drew the attention of Britons who watched with surprise view. Some even questioned her mental health, when they saw the moving without human involvement on the part of the case for the iPad.

Smart Smart Cover protect your tablet screen from damage and can transform into a stand for typing or viewing videos. The second generation of this accessory is rumored to have received a notification light interactive. When you receive a notification on the Smart Cover 2 indicator lights will appear. This will allow the owner of the iPad to see the characters or shapes corresponding invoice notification and even part of a text message.


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