To type faster the only solution is always type, because the speed comes naturally.

However, even though by the time you stop looking every keystroke and you don’t even need to look at the keyboard, you don’t always remember where is a specific key without having gone through proper training.

Because of this, programs like RapidTyping are ideal for those who still do not know type with great fluidity. After all, with him you can find exercises to practice coordination of fingers as the keys in which they are positioned.

During installation, you must turn off the option that enables the insertion of the Bing toolbar in your browser. At first boot, it is necessary to create a user profile and choose which keyboard layout you use, but the tips displayed will not be of any help.

Existing lessons are divided into lowercase letters, uppercase letters, symbols and numeric keypad. Despite this, there is a possibility of you change them or even create new lessons. To do so, simply set your name, category and then typing everything displayed in the lesson – you can use this option to increase the size of the lesson.

When you start a lesson, first you need to press any key so that the timing is initiated — that is, don’t tell the time from the start, otherwise occur many errors! Below the screen where the lesson is displayed, there is a bar to pause, move on to other lessons, check progress and know the maximum time to type the current character.

If you use any longer than necessary, the score for that character will be smaller. At the end of each lesson, appear the speeds in characters and in words per minute with which you completed that series of exercises. On this basis, there is how to check your performance in each region of the keyboard and the progress achieved after a few training sessions.

Our opinion

Our opinion Above you gave a full description about RapidTyping and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
RapidTyping is a good tool to practice and increase the speed of typing. Your workouts are fully customizable and rely on the possibility of voluntary insertion of content, as well as editing existing ones. The keyboard appears at the bottom of the screen in red always indicates which finger should be used and where it should be positioned.

With that, anyone with enough dedication can improve their performance when typing. In addition, for whom you’re setting the appearance of programs, RapidTyping enables changing the colors of the window and also changing the background shown during the exercises – there are also sounds run as typing so you know when missed.




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