Painting in the technique of the iPad


Painting in the technique of the iPad: 20 masterpieces of painting, created by artists from around the world
Since in 2010, Steve Jobs introduced the first model of the iPad, Apple has sold more than 250 million tablets worldwide, and the gadget already survived six pack. Recently, on his ability to notice and artists. Today the easel to iPad replaced the venerable painters, and digital images in printed form or on a Tablet PC screens are exhibited in the best museums of the world next door with the classics.

Masterpieces created by using Paper by FiftyThree for iPad, became famous for many artists. The main advantage of the program is a rich set of brushes for painting and user-friendly interface in the style of the popular Manager’s tasks Clear. In addition to the mobile application to do the painters helping artistic thinking and creative intuition.

Businessinsider published a gallery of the most interesting art works from the most sought after artists from around the world who have abandoned the canvas, brushes and palette in favor of Apple tablet. However, if you do not know, you can never guess: so “real” and “live” look like these pictures.


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