MTS and Beeline promise to solve problems with the iMessage in coming days


In recent days from subscribers of Russian operators MTS and Beeline complaints on iMessage. The problem affected iPhone owners trying to activate Messenger via SMS to phones of European or American branches of the service.

Reported by users, not only does not activate the iMessage, but expensive enough trying to send SMS to u.s. or European number, and if the iPhone does not receive a response within 10 minutes, it sends a short message. This cycle can be repeated until the user’s balance is depleted.

Technical support for mobile operators pledged to sort out the problem for 5 days without telling about the causes of the problem. Apple has already reported that the crash occurred because of a change in the activation numbers for Russian users.

With regard to support for MTS and Beeline, everything is quite mysterious: a mobile service provider at once sent a Subscriber in the Apple and the other promised that the problem will be solved, and the money is returned.

Apple currently offers Russian users to activate the iMessage contact technical support operator for activation code, then you need to contact support and inform code. So the service can be activated in “manual mode”.

According to numerous discussions in the network, the problem with the iMessage is massive.


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