iPhone celebrates the 8-th birthday


Eight years ago, began the history of one of the most successful American products: January 9, 2007 year founder Apple Steve Jobs introduced the world to the new, completely changing the world. Then the Jobs promised to earn the 1% of the global market for mobile devices. Over the years, Apple has managed to get hold of as much as 13%. The iPhone has revolutionized the world of gadgets, as well as the process of globalization. In addition, many of the items, without which it was impossible to imagine life in the 20th century, are a thing of the past.

the iPhone is for users of “mini-the world in your Pocket”. The gadget has replaced the road maps and even need to use Navigator, camera, has become a tool for editing images, users were able to instantly publish their social networking pages. He became both a book to read, flashlight, alarm clock, and an indispensable assistant in your work, to make plans, create presentations, conduct calculations in stores.

Computer, phone and accessory fit in one small device made of glass and anodized aluminum or plastic, long became a hit, fashion that is not going to go into decline, while the company is able to offer new solutions. Presented in September 2014 year models of the iPhone and the iPhone 6 Plus 6 only for the first three days of sales left over 10 million copies.

After the introduction of the iPhone in the shadow left such famous brands as Nokia, Motorola, its position has passed and once successful BlackBerry. Changed and communication culture. If earlier to present at the dinner party guests with phones in their hands it was impossible, now the scope of permissible expanded significantly and people are paying attention not only to each other, but also virtual friends, often by publishing on the Internet all around. In social networks and then appear with detailed reports from the dinner table and selfi. ”

To date, Apple has already released ten versions of the Smartphone: iPhone, iPhone 3 g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs and iPhone 5, iPhone 5, iPhone, 5s, iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6, which turned out to be more successful than any other mobile device on the market.


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