Horizontal Dock: Docking station for MacBook Pro


Usually docking stations are used for smartphones, tablets less often. Docking station for a laptop is quite a rare phenomenon and right not all. The MacBook Pro is already quite a long time and holds the title of computers with a minimum of user accessible ports for connecting peripherals. It is no secret that many are not satisfied with the situation, and there are various hubs and hubs. Now you can do without them, using the ultimate dock, designed specially for Mac users. The Horizontal Dock from the Henge Docks.

Horizontal dock Dock is a dock for MacBook Pro. The laptop is attached to it through the side grips that secure the bottom part. Proper location of the “proŇ°ki” on both sides there are motorized connectors: connectors USB, HDMI, Thunderbolt, MagsSafe. But in order to extract the computer, simply press the button on the front panel of the base.

All peripherals (keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. drives) are connected directly to the dock, and the laptop is “hot”. Soft inner surface ensures safety at the “dock” with the device. On the back of the Horizontal Dock are: two Thunderbolt, six slots for USB 3.0, Firewire 800, Kensington lock, Ethernet, memory card reader and audio interfaces.

Accepting pre-orders for the Henge Docks has been opened on the website of the developers. Model Horizontal Dock for MacBook Pro 15-inch flat-screen TV will cost $ 399, about the cost of the 13-inch version will be announced later. Pre-order it here-


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