Google Translate will appear in the application interpreting speeches


As it became known, Google Translate will appear soon speech recognition feature and its simultaneous translation into other languages. It is expected that the update will be released soon in the App Store and Google Play.

Google Translate can recognize speech in multiple languages, and translation will do in text form. Initially the feature will be available only for the most popular and common languages — among them, probably will include English, Spanish, Chinese, French and German. Later innovations will be available and for less common languages.

In December last year, Microsoft introduced a similar function in a test mode for Skype Translator. It allows you to simultaneously convert it during voice calls. So far only two supports innovation language, Spanish and English.

Google Translate application for iOS and Android has about 50 million people each month. In addition, its own Web browser Google Chrome is equipped with moving pages, and mail service Google Mail running on 140 languages, including Klingon, “pirate”, and “Elmer Fudd”.

Google also plans to introduce a service of automatic translation of texts into road signs and signboards. The user will be able to learn the value of foreign-language inscriptions by using the camera on the command plate. Such technology is already implemented in Word Lens available for Android, iOS and Google’s augmented reality glasses Glass. Previously, Google acquired the company responsible for the development of Word Lens — Quest Visual. Translate inscriptions are also able to annex “+ Translator of Russian company ABBYY.


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