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With cell phones becoming more powerful, able to run major applications, sometimes we forget that they serve for simple tasks, such as sending text messages. Although the standard Android keyboard has evolved much in recent years, as apps GO Keyboard-Emoji, Emoticons bring a new wave of resources to the devices.

Users of the Google mobile system are usually fanatics for customization, and even if he makes changes to many of their tools, the changes on the keyboard are much more conservative. To change the color, style, or introduce new elements to the virtual device, nothing better than to install an application that unites beauty and practicality, isn’t it?

Supporting more than 60 languages – including Brazilian Portuguese, GO Keyboard-Emoji, Emoticons widens the range of options the typing interface of Android. The program comes with a theme well sober and stylish, and offers thousands of others for those who prefer to change the appearance of the interface day after day.

The app doesn’t forget the funkier crowd, bringing more than 800 options of emoticons and emojis, to make their messages more fun. With regard to practicality, GO Keyboard-Emoji, Emoticons offers customizable shortcuts, different key layouts, auto correction, swype mode and voice recognition to insert words in the text.

Above you gave a complete description about the GO Keyboard-Emoji, Emoticons and their functionality, learn now what we think of him
It’s not always easy to find the correct application for our needs. In some cases it works right, but it’s ugly, and, in others, displays a beautiful interface but fails in utility. GO Keyboard-Emoji, Emoticons offers a robust highly customizable keyboard option for users of Android, trying not to forget the part of functionality.

When doing installation, you follow a basic guide of settings, which enables you to enter the GO Keyboard-Emoji, Emoticons as a typing system options and teaches you how to override the default keyboard – or any other that is currently in use. Best of all? The process is quite simple and is entirely in Portuguese, as well as the rest of the app.

Done this simply enter the menu of program options and select the features that you please among the dozens of tools available. Despite the avalanche of submenus appear to be absorbed in a first moment, everything is nicely separated into categories, making it easy to find almost everything if you’re looking for.

go keyboard

It is undeniable, however, that the application is the visual part, and at that point he stands out. The default theme is very nice, and, despite being a little too serious, leaves nothing due to the content offered by competitors paid. Of course this is not all, since there are thousands of other arts to download via the program interface itself GO.

Is good, but needs reinforcements
Despite the focus on changes in the look of the application, and even the sounds, with the user being able to choose which audio feedback of typing, GO Keyboard-Emoji, Emoticons offers a functional tool for those who want the basics: type freely. Write texts in the app is a very quiet experience, comparable to other alternatives for Android.

The major features of category can be found in the application, as hundreds of emojis and emoticons to decorate messages, the beloved and hated autocorretor and configurable shortcuts – which can be used both for commands such as specific words. The “typing” for voice works great too, freeing your hands for other actions.

One of the major problems of GO Keyboard-Emoji, Emoticons, however, is that, for the Australian public, he needs an additional download, which is a separate application on Google Play called “Portuguese is GO Keyboard”. Without him, they don’t work Auto-remediation, the prediction and suggestion of words and the swype keyboard.

This can be seen as an advantage for some, since the app has dozens of secondary applications that strengthen its range of tools. Still, I would embed the little dictionary of Portuguese in the original download, since there is no hint that the user may need to download extra content to make it work.



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