Exact copy of Apple Watch can be purchased for $ 35


The Chinese always were famous for their ability to create copies of even the most technologically demanding and complex products, from accessories and clothes of famous brands, to luxury Swiss timepieces and automotive products. A similar situation takes place in the mobile market, where copies of the iPhone have become a phenomenon widespread and familiar. For example, the phone from an unnamed manufacturer, looks exactly like the iPhone 6, and appeared much earlier than its prototype.

However, it is not enough to have mastered all the electronics segment gaining popularity is the ‘ smart ‘ watches and various fitness trackers. And if the issue as similar as possible analogues 13-dollar Mi Band from Xiaomi hardly anyone will even try to, with the most-talked-about Apple and its mobile phones, portable computers and now, things are very different.

The Chinese company announced beginning of Tek Oplus sales clone smart hours Apple Watch. The company’s product had been spotted in one of the pavilions of the exhibition CES 2015.

The gadget seems to be very similar to the device engineers from Cupertino. Last, by the way, may appear on the shelves of Apple Store already in March, 2015. From the description it is known that the clock is MTK6260A on a processor clocked at 533 Mhz, 512 MB RAM, injurious, and are equipped with a battery of 380 mAh that provides up to two work days in Active mode. Display that hardly will protect Sapphire Crystal, as the original, has a diagonal of 1.54 inches and a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Sync with a mobile device is realized by means of wireless communication standard Bluetooth 3.0.

Wearable gadget, wrapped in a metal case, silicone band, available in several colors. Filling device includes a GPS receiver, FM radio, and an accelerometer, built-in speakers.

With regard to the functionality of the Apple clone Watch, you don’t expect from an unmarked copy of any super possibilities. However, the basic minimum, assures company there. Manufacturer from China promises a pedometer, tracking the phases of sleep, as well as the opportunity to take their phone call.

The cost of o’clock for the domestic market is only 35 dollars.


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