Dropbox is a free program which allows working with cloud-based data storage, provides the user with the ability to store data on a remote server, while giving or not giving other users access to this data. If the account is free, there is 2 GB of disk space, in the case of paid up to 100 Gb.

Main Features of the program

One of the main features is the automatic sync dropbook service files and folders: when installed on the client computer, create a folder named “My Dropbox”, and after it a new file, it is automatically uploaded to your account on the server. If you use the same account on a different computer, synchronization will be reduced automatically at each of them. If not the whole file will be changed, but some part of it, the whole file will not be transferred, only the changed fragment that reduces traffic and increases the speed of synchronization. If you delete the files in your Dropbox, they first appear in the virtual shopping cart, where you want to store with the ability to restore 30 days (free account), but you can delete files immediately and irrevocably. Also stored change history for all files and you can return them to the previous version. Today in fact, Dropbox is a repository of personal data through Internet synchronization, but with special advanced features listed below.

  1. The program allows you to make quick access to all documents, photos and videos that have been uploaded on Dropbox.
  2. All previously Uploaded files can be downloaded or accessed on all computers, cell phones, where you use Dropbox.
  3. Feature is that regardless of whether you’re connected to the Internet all the previously uploaded files will remain available to you.
  4. A special plus feature of this is that the availability of all information previously uploaded by you through the program on the official Web site of the Dropbox.
  5. Dropbox is simple and versatile program that works on almost all operating systems and their supporting devices Android, Windows, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.
  6.  Especially easy access to all data hosted in a private folder, a special feature is the way the administration of all necessary data to other people in a short time and regardless of format.
  7. Allows you to create a shared folder of the personal data of your family and friends with whom you are particularly good contact on the Internet and in real life.
  8.  Dropbox will allow you to create free links to personal data and send them over the Internet to all your colleagues, boss or other consumers of important information.
    Special quality is that this program is unique for phones and works in applications such as Android, iPad and other most popular to the world community. It is important to remember that special quality of programs allow you to always have all the necessary information at hand. Change, modify, add, or remove files via your mobile phone.Freely and effortlessly share everything you so dearly. Moreover, it is important to remember that Dropbox not only keeps your files, it still protects them. Work in the Dropbox you Cakewalk in the exchange of personal data.



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