Circle Alarm


ramadan 2015Circle Alarm is an alarm Manager for Android that stands out for its simplicity and the large amount of configuration options. One of the coolest features is the virtual circle-shaped clock that allows you to select the hour and minutes of an alarm.

In the configuration options, you can also choose the frequency of event and browse through the list of songs to get a touch. From the main menu, you activate and Deactivate events by clicking on the button “on/DESLIG.”.

Above you gave a complete description about the Circle Alarm and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
If you are not satisfied with the default Android alarm clock and is in search of a more complete option, Circle Alarm is a great alternative with a focus on simplicity and practicality.

The system interface is completely based on black screens with few visual elements and, at first, might not be too conspicuous. However, to begin setting up a new alarm, it is possible to check all the convenience that the circular watch offers, because simply slide your finger on the ball to quickly select the desired hour and minute.

A lot of practicality
The General options setting also like, because you can choose various types of NAP, sounds that increase progressively and volume into the phone to disable an alarm – very similar to option found in the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Another advantage of this free tool is that it does not display any banner advertising detrimental to usability.