China initiated the production of exclusive iPhone 6 from 24-karat gold textured “carbon”


Connection in one business such different things, as the production of electronic devices and the jeweller’s art, at first glance it seems an oxymoron. It is hard to imagine a more distant from each other. This art is not for everyone, deferred investment for decades; Electronics is a product for everyone, it is on the strength of three-four years of life. But sooner or later it had to happen: the tentacles of the “Suite” penetrate into all areas of mass production, in each product category has a section of very expensive proposals. Have been no exception and electronic gadgets: Chinese company NavJack has developed the iPhone Edition of pure gold.

NavJack is a relatively young and ambitious business project. The essence of it is to place the newest electronic systems in an elegant, made with a jeweler’s precision shell. Every Smartphone process manually. Some days it conjure our grinding and engraving on metal, virtuoso painting. the iPhone 6 of 24-carat gold with “carbon” texture is the first result of their joint work.

The holder of exclusive iPhone 6 there is no doubt that the members of the body are made of precious metal, on the back of the large letters marked “23 k Gold Plated Design.” Stressing the uniqueness of the product, NavJack promises to deliver luxury variation of the flagship in a luxurious lacquered mahogany presentation case with a certificate of authenticity and accessories.

Value of the gold iPhone 6 “carbon”, unfortunately, was not specified.


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