BHIM APP How to Download and How to Use BHIM APP


BHIM APP How to Download and How to Use BHIM APP

.    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today ( 30-12-2016) launched a mobile app named “BHIM APP”  to make digital payments easier at Digi-Dhan Mela in Delhi. he said while launching this new BHIM app it will soon work on your thumbprint. The Prime Minister feels that BHIM is the best vision for 2017.

Following are the main highlights of this BHIM APP:

You can register your bank account with BHIM and set UPI address

Users of this application can check bank balance and transaction details on the go

Your mobile number is your payment address and money can also be sent to non UPI supported banks with the help of  Ifsc Code

Your can create custom payment address in addition to your mobile phone number

Users can collect money by sending and requesting via this app and users can reverse payment if needed.

Government of India has launched a gift under which for the next 100 days, every day 15,000 people will win prizes through lucky draw.

These prizes will go to those who transact between Rs. 50-3,000 online. This is so that poor people get the prize.

This application for those sellers who can encourage customers to buy products through digital mode

On Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s birth anniversary – April 14 – there will be a mega draw which will see prizes worth crores.

The day is not far when all transactions will run through the BHIM app