Beam Wallet Mobile payment application


Beam Wallet Mobile payment application

beamwallet beamwallet beamwallet mobile application




Hello Friends Today I am going to give you some information regarding an amazing mobile phone app which will Help only for UAE based people, This application name is “Beam Wallet” you only need 2 minute to install and activate this application.

Some of you people may seen a small device called ” Beam ” when you paying bills at bill counters in carrefour,vox,McDonalds,costa, MMI, etc, if you still not seen it visit above places to see it.

This mobile application is a good option who is interested in latest trends and options in our world.

What is the Use of Beam Wallet ?

Beam Vallet will help you paying bills and other payments through your mobile phone without the use of your Debit card or Credit card.

Why you need to use Beam Wallet ?

1 Beam Vallet is Accepted at over 2,000 stores across the UAE, when ever we purchase any goods most of us will look for any offer avalible with that item right? the main attraction is that you will get life long 10% cash back on your bills. This is the Only mobile application which is supported by UAE govenment

2 When you install this application for first time your will get 40AED free Credit to your Beam Wallet.

You may thinking that why these offers are given to you? the answer is simple without any good offer why you want to switch from normal credit card and Debit card based system right?

How to Install and use Beam Wallet

1, You can download this application through google play store or link provided below

Signup using your mobile phone number, email address or Facebook id and create your Wallet account there.

you need to verify your account, you can verify your account using email or via mobile with the verification code you received after creating the account after entering verification code the application will ask you to create and 4 digit pin or password this is the pin which you needed to make payments in stores

After signing in you will see a menu for adding your credit or debit card, open it and fill details or you can simply scan your card with your mobile phone camera.

after you link your card you will receive 40AED in your vallet for free and you will get 10% cash back on each purchase for example if you spend 500AED you will receive 50AED as cash back

Please Note: you can add carrefour myclub card and in your card you need atleast 1AED balance to verify the card

How to make payment using Beam Wallet

Go to bill counter, take your phone and activate Bluetooth, Location, Data service and place your phone above the Beam Device and Enter your pin that’s it

If you don’t have data pack don’t worry for using your phone data service for 10 seconds it will only cost you 0.03fills which compared to your 10% cash back is much profitable