Baidu Browser


Baidu Browser offers another alternative for you to navigate through your favorite internet pages.

The program is lightweight and doesn’t take up many resources of the computer, allowing it to be used in more modest devices without any problem. The application makes a good management including the use of RAM, avoiding crashes.

Clean and elegant screen

Then when you open the program, you may notice that it is very similar to Google Chrome and it occurs due to the fact that he is based on Chromium. So, if you have ever had contact with this browser, you’re certainly not going to have any difficulty to open the main options of the browser and not to find them in the menus.

The main difference in terms of location of items is just extra applications. Also it is worth mentioning that even though this is not the case, the application interface is very well organized and has a good identification of the functions offered. The combination of colors of the interface of the program follows a standard style, initially, however, he brings some integrated themes.

To choose one of them, simply click on the button with the picture of a t-shirt, located at the top right of the interface. Once this is done, you have access to a series of skins with varied reasons and, to apply your, just click. The topic covers the entire browser window, including the edges, and it appears in the background of the new tab. If later you want to get back to the original theme, just enter the sector and use the button “return to default themes”.

News & increments

And it doesn’t end there. The latest version of Baidu Browser has a number of cool features that differentiate it from other browsers available in the market. A quite creative functionality, for example, is the browser command through “gestures” with the mouse. That’s right: while holding down the right mouse button and perform predetermined movements, you can perform basic operations like reload the page, open/close a tab, switch between open tabs, scroll to the end or beginning of the page and so on.

We could not help but quote also the Browser Doctor, a kind of embedded application in own Baidu Browser able to solve autonomously the most common problems that can affect the browser. Facebook videos are not loading correctly? The images of certain websites do not carry? Is facing slow or freezes constants? Just open the Browser Doctor and allow him to work.

Finally, it is worth commenting on the tool Baidu’s native Browser for screenshots (screenshots). Efficient and fast access, she even enables you to draw arrows, circles, rectangles, text and other increments.

More convenience
The program has an integrated Download Manager and, through him, you can download torrent files. The process works exactly as if you were using a desktop client: simply add the file and track your download through the interface provided by the browser.

In terms of navigation speed, Baidu Browser makes the pages load quickly and can easily compete with the main options on the market. In addition, if you wish, you can login using your Google account to synchronize items as bookmarks, browsing history and other settings.

Likewise, it makes access to services associated with the login, as would happen if you were using Google Chrome. In addition, the program also features support for navigation through gestures, bringing shortcuts that can be used by moving the mouse with the right button pressed peripheral.


Additionally, you will also find a series of tools for daily use, such as the function to do screen captures and a system to solve problems occurring in your browser. The program also supports Google Chrome Add-ons for the case you don’t forgo certain extensions.

Above you gave a complete description about the Baidu Browser and its features, learn now what we think of him
Baidu Browser brings more an alternative browser for you to access the internet, having your Chromium-based mechanism and, therefore, adopting an interface similar to that of Chrome. So if you’ve used the browser from Google before, certainly will not find it difficult to locate items in the browser.

However, Baidu Browser interface is very intuitive and has a good organization, ensuring that even if you are a beginner with your model, do not get completely lost. In addition to the theme that is applied by default, the browser has a number of different options that can be opened by the button available.

Thus, you will be able to vary the colors applied to the browser by choosing new options whenever you wish, but with the ability to easily revert to the default. Additionally, as the program has support for Add-ons developed for the Google browser, don’t go missing customizations and additional features to the browser.

Integrated functions

The program maintains the possibility for you to login using your Google account. In this way, you can synchronize data and avoid having to redo certain settings while using it on another machine, for example. The navigation system by gestures is a good alternative for you to be able to do some tasks directly by the mouse, just moving the peripheral.

Baidu Browser also features an integrated Download Manager, with support including to download torrents, eliminating an additional tool for the task. The insertion of system files is quite simple, working along the same lines of a desktop application and, therefore, its use should not offer difficulties even for beginners.

With respect to performance, you don’t have to be worried, because the browser is light and fast. You will be able to load new pages without delay or unnecessary waits (However, remember that your connection interfere on the results). Thus, for all its positive aspects, certainly Baidu Browser represents a great alternative for those looking for a different browser, but without giving up the efficiency of the programme.



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