Astro-Vision StarClock ME Lite – Horoscope App

Astro-Vision StarClock ME Lite – Horoscope App

Today we are going to introduce a new horoscope application developed by Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt Ltd , Cochin, India named ” Astro-Vision StarClock ME Lite – Horoscope App”. it’s a very interesting application for those who believe in horoscope. by using this StarClock Mobile Edition Lite application you can prepare your horoscope chart that including your birth chart or kundli or natal chart and much more with this one of the best Vedic Astrology App called StarClock ME Lite. by using this application you can find out more about yourself and foresee your future. This mobile application also includes detailed predictions, calculations and astrological charts such as Rashi, Navamsaka, Bhava, Spudam, Prashna, Dasa, Astrology Compatibility based on Star Match, Yogas. Experience the astrology app used by the best Vedic astrologers in the world. The Developer of this application Astro-Vision is one of leading provider of Vedic Astrology software in various Indian languages for over 25 years. they also provide astrology based solutions to some of the leading portals and have generated over 30 million astrology reports till date.

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Features of this application :
★ Multi-lingual horoscope. Get your horoscope in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi & Kannada.
★ Foresee your future – comprehensive analysis of your Horoscope.
★ Instant kundali or Kundli or Natal Chart or Birth Chart preparation in various astrology chart styles.
★ Astrology Compatibility: kundali Matching based on ashtakoota Guna milap or star match based on Kerala & Tamil Nadu matching methods.
★ Various Ayanamsa systems such as the Krishnamurti Paddhati Ayanamsa or KP Ayanamsa, Chitrapaskha / Lahiri, Raman, Sayan and Thirukanitham Ayanamsa.
★ Parashari Astrology (includes Vimshottari dasha, Ashtakvarga, Shodashvarga, etc.)
★ Real time astrology charts & calculations such as Raasi, Navamsaka, Bhava, Prashna, Dasa calculations.
★ Ashtakvarga & Bhava chalit chart, shodashvarga – All 16 divisional charts.
★ Insights on Spudam, Planetary Strength, Astrological Day & Moment, Papa Points.
★ Explores Bhava Bala, Shadbhala, AshtakaVarga, ShodasaVarga, Yogas & much more.
★ Astrology chart and calculations based on your location (set your Default location).
★ Shows retrograde motion of planets, planets in exalted position, Ascendant in rasi chart and much more.
★ Panchang or hindu calendar including tamil calendar, malayalam calendar and telugu calendar. Includes Tithi, yoga, karana & nakshatra. Includes sunrise and sunset, rahukalam, Yama Ghantam, Gulika Kalam, abhijit. Indicates Shukla Paksha, Krishna Paksha, Moon phase details like Ekadashi, chathurthi, poornima and Amavasya.
★ Muhurtha or Muhurat – Find auspicious time for special occasions in your life.
★ Prepare your Jathakam based on Kerala astrology chart style, your tamil jathagam based on tamil astrology chart style, your Kundli based on the north indian astrology chart style or your Bengali Kundali based on the east indian astrology chart style.

★ Requires an internet connection.
★ First 15 days – All features of the app are available. (Online mode – No time limit)
★ After 15 days – All features of the app are available. (Online mode – limited to 7 mins per day)
★ App usage in offline mode gives access only to Rasi and Navamsa.
★ App usage in offline mode is limited to a total of 225 mins (7 mins per day).
★ Offline mode will not be available if the app is re-installed.
★ Starting from the date of installation, if the app is uninstalled within 15 days, user can avail the remaining days only by re-installing the app before the 15 day period ends (30 days in the case of subscribed users).



StarClock Mobile Edition Lite