Apple will release an iPod shuffle


Apple discontinued the production of the iconic iPod Classic. Many music fans well remember the steps for upgrading, the presentation of the new generation, as well as the general evolution of the line audio equipment become hard drive up to 160 GB. And invariable attribute and a symbol of all the iPod Classic, which immediately comes to mind is the signature wheel scroll the Click Wheel on the front of the menâvšegosâ little from model to model building. Apparently, in the near future, the fate of “the classics” waiting for another model in its line of portable players Apple iPod shuffle.

At the online Apple store delivery time suddenly increased to iPod shuffle 7-10 working days. At the same time, the Guide warned administrators stores Apple Store about the upcoming shortage of players. Shoppers in retail stores recommended Guide for orders in the company’s online store. All said that his days are numbered.

The smallest iPod player in the lineup was updated for the last time in 2010 year. It was less than the previous model and has received what has been missing is the predecessor of the button. The current version of shuffle is equipped with buttons, similar to the Click Wheel. Initially, the player was introduced in five colors-silver, green, blue, Orange and pink, but in 2012 year Apple changed the color scheme, which is now represented by models in silver, gray, green, blue, pink, yellow and purple versions.

49-dollar iPod shuffle has gained popularity very diverse audience for compact size and low cost. However, in parallel with it for a long time, there is a iPod nano, which, with its compact size, has a touch screen. Users have long raised questions about the relevance of the “šaflov”.

Assumes that the iPod shuffle will be known in March, along with the beginning of sales of “smart” hours Apple Watch. Hardly a massive line of players will be announced publicly, Apple does not like to talk about such things, but the changes in the Apple Online Store may appear in the near future.


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