An interesting dialer for iOS


Truecaller is an interesting dialer for iOS. It works like a normal app, allowing you to access your contacts and make calls, but some additional tools may draw enough attention: he’s got the whole world numbers saved in your database and allows identify them even though they are not on the agenda.

This database is global and collaborative and you can help registering, for example, trade numbers. Thus, if a callcenter is calling your phone and someone has already registered this number in the system before, you can know exactly which company comes calling and decide to accept or not!

truecallerIn addition to this recognition tool, you can customize the dialer and phonebook with varied themes, block numbers quickly, configure shortcuts for frequent connections and much more! By default, the application does not replace the native Dialer of your appliance, being open like any other app on your smartphone, but you can set it to this if you prefer.

Above you gave a complete description about the Truecaller and its features, find out now what we think of him
Truecaller is an intelligent program which makes dialing this action more performant, replacing the native smartphone app. With it, you can send messages, make calls, and more, in a much more elegant and with much more complete tools to lock, identification and shortcut.

It really is very nice and modern, minimalist uses an interface that allows pulling pictures and information of your contacts directly by Facebook, for example. This is really an advantage, since it leaves your ESS much prettier!

Intelligent resources

One of the coolest features of Truecaller is being able to recognize more than 1 billion phone numbers, helping you identify the links even if they are not in your address book. It works mainly for numbers of spam and commercial links, such as call center, for example.

The program relies on an active participation of users who report strange numbers and show the amount of times people complained of those calls. Is a great way to avoid strange numbers, and you can help complete this database with information wherever possible.

Cute and functional

The application is extremely beautiful and Truecaller has modern elements of Design Material style, a mixture of visual minimalism and point animations.

However, be visually interesting is not the only plus point of this app, which also works great! Once you configure the Truecaller to be your default dialer, you can forget the native app, since it works as a complete agenda and has features that are interesting and very useful!

That is, if you want to make the phone better looking and have no headache to adapt to a new Dialer, it’s worth testing the Truecaller. It’s free and pretty much, being a good choice for those who like a minimalist.